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Laurier Lounge

1111 7 Street Southwest
Calgary, AB
T2R 1A6


Wunder BunWunder Bun’s Overall Score: 87/100

Overall experience 8/10
We sat in the lounge, there was romantic french music playing gently in the background as light poured through a large window that was footed with an electric fireplace. I planted my butt on an under stuffed velour covered bench that sat far to close to the table and forced me into my plate. I will admit this space issue may have partly been exaggerated by my own growing equator, but not totally. As I looked up between bites and caught glances of Flavour Sabre and White Gravy I realized that I had brought the wrong dates to this place. Next time I am enjoying this burger it will be with my beautiful lady and, unfortunately, she will not enjoy it because being back at Laurier Lounge will trigger the horrific carnal images of Me, Flav and Gravy tearing through a fantastically refined and tasty burger with the tact of crotch sniffing pit bulls.

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Bun 26/30
A standard balance and texture to this white bun is souped up with a smothering of sesame seeds. Once toasted, this fairly stock bun really became a dream catcher. Normally we talk toppings and sauce later, but to me it is extremely noteworthy that if this bun were to have been more dominant, the balance in the relationship of two condiments used separately to dress the top and bottom of this bun would have lost.

Meat 27/30
Ground AAA fillet. Before the quest gave my life discipline I wandered through too many burger joints and restaurants without discretion. I have chewed through kobe cremations and perfectly seasoned frozen sirloin patties that tasted like your laundry smells if you forget it in the washer. The point here is that no matter how high in the hierarchy of the meat pyramid your cut is in, you are not assured a great tasting or high quality patty. But in this case we have a perfect match. This meat was F@*king AAA Rights, BUD! The bun to meat ratio was a bit off for my tastes, but just slightly. Normally I am not a fan of any garlic,onions and/or spices mixed into the meat of a burger, but I must admit if you are going to add worcestershire and garlic to your meat you should do it like they did with this burger

Toppings 26/30
As mentioned earlier two unique PoMo condiments were utilized on the top and bottom of this burger to both dress the salad and to lubricate the underside of the patty. A Garlic and herb aioli, leaning towards the sweet side, kissed three crisp and chilled romaine tips that draped themselves over a thick slice of perfectly ripe tomato and some rings of red onion. Underneath the patty was a nice coat of horseradish ketsup that gave a nice gentle kick to the underbite of this burger. I have to say in referring to these sauces that they were considered rather than slathered. A piece of melted emmentaler cheese gave a nice bite to the mash of this burger in your mouth, but “tabernac” there was not enough of it to be present in every mouthful. I also thought the raw onion was a nice nod to burger tradition, but seemed a bit dominant and unrefined considering the care with which this burger was conceived.

Other considerations
At twelve dollars this burger is a formula one car at the local race track. The fact of the matter is that I have spent that much money at lesser burger joints to feel half as satisfied. We were there on off hours which made it easy to provide great service served up with a strong spine wit and understated charm. My guess is this is standard service for the Laurier and not the exception. I opted for the house salad instead of fries and bothered my compadres for a few of there deep golden and perfectly seasoned fries. If this bothers you please stop reading and finish polishing the set of bull testicles you bought to hang off the trailer hitch on you pickup.

Final Evaluation: What would you do to have one of these again?
I would run the fifth of a marathon with scissors in one hand and a sharp pencil in the other.

Flavour SabreFlavour Sabre’s Overall Score: 89/100

Overall experience 8/10
The Laurier Lounge is a date/couples outing place through and through. It has a romantic atmosphere that is great if you are taking your special someone out, or if you are out for some forced socialization when all you really want to do is sit on the couch in your comfies and power through a Degrassi Junior High marathon on Netflix. I, however, would hesitate to come here with the guys after a hockey game, for example. This is a dining experience. It pretty much boils down to this – if you are coming here in the evening you will be wearing pants that are not jeans.

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Bun 27/30
Fresh, delicate, lightly toasted, and covered in sesame seeds. The bun has it all and serves its purpose as the unifier, but it also goes far beyond that basic utility. It adds a slightly sweet flavour and enhances the visual appeal of the burger immensely. I could pretty much take this bun, toast it, put some butter on it, and eat it on its own and I would be satisfied; a rare claim for a burger bun. The only drawback for me was that there was a little too much of the bun compared to the rest of the burger. Slightly adjust the bun to meat ratio and you have the perfect bun.

Meat 28/30
This patty, I almost dare not use this word as it seems to downgrade the elegance and execution of this culinary feat, is gorgeous start to finish. It is flame broiled to perfection, leaving ideal grill marks and a crusty outer layer while maintaining the delicate texture of the filet mignon used to create this patty. This was obviously prepared by a seriously passionate chef who knows how to cook meat, as the burger was perfectly cooked throughout and maintained its temperature to the last bite. This patty makes me want to write a love song to it.

Toppings 26/30
This is a PoMo burger start to finish, so the risk factor for absolute failure is significantly higher than executing a classic; one wrong topping and the whole experience is ruined. In this case, I feel like the toppings were thought of in terms of flavour balance and texture so carefully that the chef could easily claim a total absence of risk. The combo of garlic aioli, emmentaler cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and horseradish ketchup(that I think has maple syrup) play off of each other perfectly, giving each bite a sense of adventure like the good Indiana Jones movies – not the terrible last one where he survives the nuclear bomb by hiding in a fridge. Just terrible.

The only downside was that the amount of cheese on the burger did not cover the whole patty. Just a little more and the toppings would receive perfect marks.

Other considerations
Thinking of this burger just makes me happy. There was zero slideout, it was super easy to handle, and was not messy to eat at all. The service at the Laurier Lounge is fantastic, as our server took great care of us and was able to engage in some witty banter with Wunder Bun – not an easy task. The lunch price was 12 dollars, which is an incredible deal given the quality of this product. But what really makes this burger is the delicate interplay of flavours that takes place during and after the bite. It hits every part of the flavour spectrum and presents a bouquet that is top quality… I need a cigarette.

Final Evaluation: What would you do to have one of these again?
I would hang out with Donald Trump and Sarah Palin and pretend to be genuinely interested in their conversation and completely idiotic ideas for 24 full hours. What I’m saying, is that I would work for Donald Trump for a day.

White GravyWhite Gravy’s Overall Score: 81/100

Overall experience 7/10
This is a perfect date joint, but the problem is if you are trying to impress that special gal you probably aren’t going to order a burger. Therein lies the problem with the Laurier Lounge – it’s just a little too special to hit up regularly. It doesn’t work for the mid-Saturday burger grumbles, or the post-pub-crawl chow-down. But considering they have a testimonial from one of the richest men on the planet (Buffet) perhaps drunken college kids isn’t really their wheel-house.

That all being said – service was top notch and the vibe was pretty hip (at least I think it was hip…I’ve lost track of what’s hip).

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Bun 26/30
Big points here for Laurier. I was a little worried heading in. Too many “fancy” restaurants make the mistake of thinking they need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a burger, which usually means some weird-ass bun or worse yet “toast”. Laurier’s delivered a simple sesame seed bun, toasted just right.

The only thing preventing this from approaching a 30-score is that my final 4 bites were all bun, suggesting the meat/bun ratio was off slightly. Indeed when my burger arrived it appeared the bun was about 18% too big for the meat and that proved to be the case.

Nice touch skewering the bun with an olive. I hate olives but they look cool.

Meat 26/30
Fillet. Need I say more? I thought not. This burger featured some high-quality protein. Ah, but that doesn’t matter if you don’t cook that beautiful hunk of beef just right and this is where Laurier’s shows it’s skills. Ideally this burger should have been served up medium-rare but that doesn’t fly here in Canada, so the best they could do was get it as close as possible. Over-cooking this patty would be criminal, as it would rob you of the true flavor experience. No worries about that here though….whoever was manning the flames in the back kept a close eye on this bad boy and took it off the heat just at the right time.

Toppings 22/30
A mixed bag here.

An incredible ketchup-based-horseradish-sauce is heart of this burger. Bold but not overwhelming with just the right amount of heat. Countering that is a garlic aioli, and while it tasted great, White Gravy’s tummy doesn’t deal with garlic well, so some points lost there. I maintain that garlic is lazy cooking. With so many wonderful spices available, why do so many otherwise fine establishments default to this over-used gut-killer? But I digress.

Veg-wise the tomato was big, red and juicy. The lettuce – meh – Romaine isn’t the right leaf-choice when it comes to burgers. It soaks up too much moisture and looks a little too much like that sloppy piece of lettuce you get at any fast-food chain. The decision to include red onions was also questionable. On a burger where the flavors were so well thought-out and came together in gorgeous fashion a red onion is simply too assertive, so off it came.

The lack of any sort of pickle representation was a disappointment.

Melting the cheese on a burger is a choice I always disagree with. It seems to reduce how much flavor you get out of it and takes away some of the textural fun. So while this was a tasty slice of cheese (some fancy type I can’t remember the name of – so we’ll call it Swiss)…it got lost to a certain extent.

Worth noting here – that bacon is offered turning the “Warren Buffet Burger” (points for cool name) to a “Mike Holmes”. I chose not to dine on swine for this outing – a decision I regret.

Other considerations
The fries are the perfect complement to this burger. Once again – the taste combination is carefully planned and executed. The fries are clearly cut from some high quality ‘totaoes, but what separates these fries from others is the spices sprinkled on top. Parsley was identified but there was also something adding a bit of heat (Cayenne?).

It also needs to be pointed out that at lunch you can wolf one of these suckers down for just 12 bills (with fries). Think about it – you cough up 8 bucks or so at any number of burger chains or spend a little more and have filet with horse-radish ketchup. No brainer right? Great value.

Final Evaluation: What would you do to have one of these again?
This is a damn fine burger. Laurier deserves credit for not just slapping any old burger on their menu, but instead giving it the same consideration that it pays to their other menu items, giving thought to each ingredient and how it all comes together.

I would give Warren Buffet a sponge bath while Mike Holmes watches to have one of these again.



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